Create and edit your profile

Upload a profile picture and provide your personal information form for eligibility. Other users in your group will have access to this information.

Two-factor verification

Verify phone number and email for your security.

Create a funds distribution group

Create and manage multiple rotational fund distribution groups for free. Add the group title, group description, and the number of members for our group. Select payment sequence (weekly, biweekly, or monthly), select currency (dollar, pound, yen, etc.),

Create fundraising requests

Add group title, and description, and send invitations to your contacts to help raise funds for your project.

Ways to add group members

You can either

Add members from the phone book contact list.

Add members from existing app users from your groups.

Create new contact information.

Private and Group Chat

Chat with members of your group within the app either privately or collectively

View payment status

View the color-coded payment status for each member of your group and get notifications on every major action. See how you are paying others and how others are paying you with details of contribution sequence and dates.

Wallet and transaction history

Add or withdraw money from your wallet and easily view transaction history

Reuse group

Re-activate and edit the completed fund distribution group to reduce the time for group recreation.